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Some law firms make you feel like a number and fail to remember without you they would not be in business. You are our most important asset and the case we handle for you will be handled like it is the only case in the world. You will be treated like family here at Tesch Law firm. Contact our office today and see the difference of someone who cares.

Areas of Practice

Child Support

Texas child support laws dictate how much child support will be paid to the custodial parent. Child support laws in Texas are similar to those in other states, however each state has its quirks, and Texas child support laws are no exception. One thing which Texas has in common with all other states is that they do not take lightly failure to pay child support once there is a court order, so if you are having problems with paying your support, it is critical that you contact a qualified Texas child support attorney to help you get your payments reduced.


Every state has its own laws and rules pertaining to separations and divorces. What are the minimum requirements for getting a divorce in Texas? Is mediation required before you can get a Texas divorce? What is a Texas annulment? Find the answers to your Texas divorce questions here..

Hazardous Materials

At our law firm we handle toxic exposure claims for people who have been made ill because of contact with a dangerous chemical and another unsafe substance. Our legal team handles your case swiftly so that you can focus on recovering from your illness or coping with your disability. We help injured people throughout south Texas.

Criminal Services

When your freedom and future are at stake you want a criminal lawyer on your side you can trust. You also want a lawyer with the experience and expertise necessary to handle your case and obtain the best possible result. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know who to talk to, and how to approach and evaluate your case. Through their experience, they have developed credibility with the prosecutors, police agencies, and courts, which is essential to obtaining a good result.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning allows you to take control of your life by protecting not only your property upon death, but your loved ones as well. If you die intestate (without making a Will), you do not get to choose who will receive your probate assets. The state government decides for you, and each state’s laws are different. In Texas, if you die intestate, the persons who inherit from you depend upon whether you are married or single, whether you have children, and other factors. It also may depend upon the nature of your property.

Tax Lines

We get the IRS off your back. We are aggressive when it comes to dealing with the IRS. We will handle every aspect of the process. Whether it is releaving the garnishments of your paycheck or the leans on your property. We have the experence and the want to help.


About us


Tesch Law Firm has over 20-years of experience in the practice of law and defending our clients.. The firm’s philosophy is that we will do whatever is ethically feasible to service the needs of our clients.

We provide a personal touch when servicing our clients, making sure each client receives the attention their particular matter warrants. The staff of the firm has extensive experience in working with both individual and business clients.

It is the mission of Tesch Law firm  to nurture long-lasting a relationship with the client by providing the client with aggressive, honest, legal representation, tailored to their client’s individualized needs.  Tesch Law firm  is committed to giving each client attention, by taking the time to understand each client’s needs; and creatively forming a strategic method, consisting of negotiation, mediation, and/or litigation.

Tesch Law Firm is guided by the following principles:

Tesch Law firm believes that honesty, integrity, and character are the keystones of adequate representation. Kimberly and Keith work hard to gain and maintain the client’s trust in their operations of Law Office of KG. Further, Kimberly and Keith realize the importance of building a relationship with the client, to enable the client to feel comfortable to tell the full story, and likewise, enable the attorney to best represent the client.

Tesch Law firm believes that clients of all income brackets deserve aggressive representation at a reasonable cost. If the client’s need is economic,Tesch Law firm is able to work out alternative rates or payment schedules to keep cost of their representation at a minimum. In addition, Tesch Law firm offers various fee options, including the innovative, value-based billing.

Tesch Law firm believes that the client deserves personal attention during their representation. Tesch Law firm was founded with the intent for it to remain a small firm because Tesch Law firm believe that only a small firm is flexible enough to provide personal attention to the client. Tesch Law firm believe that the client’s time is just as valuable as their own. They believe that the client should speak directly to their attorney without getting routed through a legal assistant. Tesch Law firm believe in prompt responses to client voicemails and e-mails. Tesch Law firm understand the average work day hours and therefore maintain hours on weekends and early or late weekdays to cater to the client’s schedule.

Tesch Law firm believes that the client deserves an input on how their case is handled, and thereforeTesch Law firm is dedicated to collaborating with the client.

Tesch Law firm believes that attorneys should be diligent in the representation of each case. They believe that attorneys should be fully informed of the case, and know the client on a personal level. Tesch Law firm believes that attorneys should be emotionally involved in their client’s case. They believe that they are an educated voice for their client, and that a balanced level of emotional involvement creates the best attorney work product.
Trust us to be your voice.

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